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Space Age Sim

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Add and alter astronomic objects to simulate a small galaxy.

Planets develop life over time, growing civilizations that build structures and ships to defend themselves against alien threats.

Place stars, planets, ships, and stations using the panes at the bottom left.

Right click on stars to edit their properties.

Press the circle with the r to reset the game.

Update Log

TetraLoom.com updates regularly. Space Age Sim was last updated on Feb 19, 2020.
v1.0  Right-click on anything to edit its properties.
v0.9  Added property editor for each type of object.
v0.8  Right-click on stars to edit their properties.
v0.7  Made starting conditions more interesting.
v0.6  Planetary life now leaves the surface!
v0.5  Added turrets, which defend against aliens.
v0.4  Stations now defend against aliens.
v0.3  Added stations and basic planet placement.
v0.2  Added alien ships.
v0.1  Added planets and basic star placement.

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