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Nano Faucet - Coming back soon bigger and better

I've got a cool idea but need some time to get there.

For now, download Tor and then click this link for some free nano.

Start your crypto journey by entering your address for some free nano.

New Tor faucet here: http://nendlyy5734pdfflygapdayez6dcorodcio72jwfvaux4fsrzyh7rzqd.onion/faucet/.

You'll be sent ~1‱ of the balance you see below.

Don't have a nano address? Download Natrium for your phone.

Once you're all set, consider donating to this balance so others can start their journey too.

You can buy more nano through the Binance exchange in the US or KuCoin if you are not.

00.00000 Faucet Address nano_1ggr15hft4t1shtud5uzhwnka6unj3cwguifnr38mz8x6juujxksqea1y7qf

Like my work with nano? Consider donating me some :)

Donation Address nano_35xyc65gt96ndpyucf7escx9zt9ta14r5uh7sohmckn1hwqdzt1dedc7i43s

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