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Hey guys. Although I submitted 3 projects to the Nano Build-off, none of them won. As a result, TetraLoom is running at a loss - and that's not including the serious time and effort I've put in to creating these programs. However, I don't want to stop and have plans for a big one on the way. But in order to make this possible, I need your support. Please consider donating on Ko-fi, using an affiliate link on this page, or donating to this site's nano address. Your support would mean the world to me.


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Recent Weaves

  —  TetraLoom has switched to Fathom for being more respectful of privacy.

  —  TetraLoom has switched to hCaptcha for being more respectful of privacy.

  —  Explore nano's block lattice using NanoSpider.

  —  Donate to your favorite websites via NanoGift.

  —  Collaboratively draw beautiful art with NanoPaint.

  —  TetraLoom now supports the Brave Browser.

  —  TetraLoom now uses a better DigitalOcean webserver.

  —  TetraLoom is now also a Tor node.

  —  Have some free nano using the newly created Nano Faucet.

  —  Plan your financial future using the new Combined Investments Calculator.

  —  Simulate an emerging civilization in a dangerous galaxy in my new game, Space Age Sim.

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